Health Equity in Paris

With all the attention to inequalities in Paris and Europe more generally

, I am co-leading a collaboration between University of Paris X, Nanterre, and UC Berkeley focused on reducing health inequities in the Paris and San Francisco metropolitan regions. This collaboration started in Fall 2013 and continues into February 2015.  During February,  I brought a team from Richmond, California, to Paris to share our experiences with the Richmond Health Equity Partnership and

Health in All Policies

and to learn from collaborations between the University Paris and Ile de France, Conseil Regional. We heard from students from the Sante pubique et territores laboratory about their term projects researching the determinants of cancer disparities.  We also met with 

with Marianne Auffret, vice Mayor of Paris 14


, in charge of Health.  We plan to continue this collaboration through a comparative study of the health equity implications of the "Suburbanization of Poverty" in Paris and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Stay tuned. 


Professor Jason Corburn